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Here at Saltspin we spend years perfecting our fit, cut, colour, wash - every detail that goes into the pair of jeans before you, and we’re sure you faced a few trials and tribulations along the way to find your perfect pair as well. That’s why we want them to last as long as possible, just as you bought them. So, here is our advice:


For the best pair of jeans; wash them as little as possible.
We know this is an unusual request, but bare with is.

By using a reduced amount of water and washing your jeans as little as possible, this will have less of a negative impact on the environment, which here at Saltspin, we are huge advocates for. In the process, you will also be creating a unique pair of jeans which only you own. Those distinct patterns you get, the slightly faded lines, the ‘whiskers’ on the front, the fit which only you could have created, battered into shape by your every move. All of this has crafted a unique, worn and loved pair of jeans, whilst simultaneously preserving the original pair you bought. The more you wash your jeans, the more the denim will lose its colour and shape, which is especially annoying when it comes to black jeans. So, not only will your pair be unique to you, they will also retain the characteristics which made them perfect to you in the first place.


We’re not saying never. There’s a line to how blasé you want to appear, and dirty jeans with last nights dinner down them is just over the wrong side of that line. So when it comes to the time to wash them, here is what we advise:



We know this still isn’t technically washing them, but it is the age-old advice from, almost, all denim enthusiasts. It has been tried and tested, and in our opinion, is still the best way to freshen them up. Freezing your jeans kills the bacteria and re-news the fibers whilst maintaining the denim’s shape and colour. So through them in a bag and get them frozen (how long you leave them is up to you, but overnight should do it)


Washing them by hand is the best way to wash jeans, but, make sure you do so in cold or lukewarm water. Heat can break down the dyes in the jeans and leave them a not-so-bright version of themselves. Using cold water also uses less energy, which is always a plus (for you and the environment)


By washing your jeans inside out you are not only giving the dirtiest part of the denim, the part closest to your skin, the deeper clean, but you are also preserving the colour and fibers on the outside of your jeans. You’ll keep the colour fresh for longer and that crisp denim feel renewed


BIf using a washing machine, ensure you do so on the lowest setting. Much like washing them by hand a hot wash will make the colours fade and potentially cause your jeans to shrink


A tumble dryer is your jeans worst enemy as it will damage the cotton fibers. Always leave your jeans to air dry, preferably over the shower rail, or laying flat, but anywhere out of direct sunlight will do (this will prevent the sun bleaching your jeans)

Embrace the denim revolution: sophisticated and honest denim.