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Detox Collection

Our detox denim collection has been created using a new style of Indigo dye which requires significantly less intensive treatments. This means we save at least -80% water, -50% energy & -30% chemicals in the production process. By combining this with other innovative production techniques, like using laser-wash to create the labradorite patchwork print, we make these savings even higher.

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  • Magnesium Zip Skinny

    Magnesium Zip Skinny

    High rise skinny

  • Magnesium Stripe Skinny

    Magnesium Stripe Skinny

    High-rise skinny

  • Magnesium Sailor Cropped Pant

    Magnesium Sailor Cropped Pant

    High-rise wide leg cropped trouser

  • Magnesium Popper Pant

    Magnesium Popper Pant

    High-rise cropped trouser

  • Labradorite Eco Patchwork Skirt

    Labradorite Eco Patchwork Skirt

    Laser-washed A-line skirt

  • Labradorite Eco Patchwork Jacket

    Labradorite Eco Patchwork Jacket

    Laser-washed collarless jacket

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