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Elements Collection

This unique collection was made in collaboration with a local London artist @paintspaces_studio. This paintings are part of a series of artworks inspired by the 4 raw elements of nature. The bespoke art work has been screen printed over denim, creating a small series of garments, which evokes our ready-to-wear luxury vision and makes them a clothing to keep. 

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  • Air Biker Jacket

    Air Biker Jacket

    Printed denim jacket

  • Air Mini Skirt

    Air Mini Skirt

    Hand-painted A-line skirt

  • Air Printed Skinny

    Air Printed Skinny

    Mid-rise printed skinny jeans

  • Fire Bomber Jacket

    Fire Bomber Jacket

    Printed oversized bomber jacket

  • Fire Cuffed Short

    Fire Cuffed Short

    Printed 5 pocket mini short

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