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In Saltspin we believe everything we do should have a positive impact on the world, that is why we currently use BCI cotton, work with REACH compliant factories as well as OEKO-TEX certified factories to produce our jeans.



The Better Cotton Initiative trains farmers to use less water, pesticides, insecticides and synthetic fertilizer when growing cotton plants. Using new agricultural techniques, farmers can reduce their inputs and increase their yields, leading to higher profits and less of an environmental impact.

Saltspin aim to be part of the movement of like-minded individuals who go that extra step to ensure the most sustainable materials are used when making our jeans and the fairest treatment is given to the workers.





Every drop counts, so we have got serious about saving water. Our designers are constantly thinking of new ways to create the same denim you love while cutting back on H2O, such as reusing water during production and creating new finishes that require less water than traditional processes. To date, we use more than 20 water-saving finish techniques, and we share our methods with others to inspire industry-wide progress.


The Labradorite Collection was developed using the most eco-friendly laundry method. Our unique denim print recreates a denim patchwork. To achieve the different shades of blue the natural blue Indigo denim has been treated by heat laser instead of laundry washes. With this innovative method we had reduce up to 96% of the water normally used in normal denim finishing.





Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), aims to improve the knowledge which workers hold when working with chemicals to help minimise the effect they have on human health and the environment. This is done via ensuring that safety regulations on the chemicals are provided and workers are given fair training on the materials they are working with. The regulation also calls for substitutions of the most hazardous chemicals when suitable alternatives are available.

Saltspin work with factories which comply with R-E-A-C-H guidelines to ensure its workers are never made work in a situation which could be harmful for them.





We ensure that all of our fabrics use BCI approved cottons and our factories are REACH and OEKO-TEX certified to guarantee the best for both people and environment. Always on the lookout for new production techniques, we have recently introduced innovative laser washing to give our denim unique character and depth. Not only does this produce a superior finish, it uses zero water in the wash process, less power and over -60% less chemicals (vs. conventional methods) to have the lowest environmental impact possible.




Embrace the denim revolution: sophisticated and honest denim.